I Need a Personal Trainer! Or Two…

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I hope that you can help me. I am looking for a personal trainer. And not just any type of personal trainer, oh no. I want a really great personal trainer…hmm, could I be more vague, I think not.

So here is the deal, our London personal training business is growing (touch wood, no chickens are ever counted nor laurels sat upon) and I need to increase my staff by up to three more personal trainers. However, as well connected as I am in the personal training community the hardest part of my job is to maintain the standards of excellence that we currently have at Ultimate Performance. I do sincerely believe that we have the very best team of personal trainers in London, if not the UK at large, and although business sometimes has to be about a certain level of compromise I absolutely refuse to water down the quality of the guys (and girl) I am blessed with at UP. So despite being sent at least half a dozen CVs every week I only even see 1 applicant in 50 and very few of these get past a first meeting stage.

Please don’t make the mistake and assume that all the UP personal trainers are cookie cutter clones pushing out the same programmes with the same formula and the same physiques. That’s not what I want at all. Different approaches and personalities will get the best out of different clients, and the bottom line is that a huge part of my job as the “conductor” of the business is to match the right client with the right trainer. I often mentally liken what I do to building a football team, we need a sweeper here, a left footed winger there…and although we must have the highest concentration of Poliquin certified coaches almost anywhere (including 6 at Level 3 and above) in the world, I am not locked into one training style or dogmatic methodology. Convince me of the merit of something that we don’t currently practice and it’ll be incorporated into our work like a shot!

Our personal trainers are everything from bodybuilders to Olympic athletes, and from Paratrooping boxing champions to professional female handball players! They are so good in part because they are so diverse with just a few unifying features – a total passion for what they do, physical fitness in all it’s forms has always been the biggest part of their lives, and a hunger to be the absolute best in the personal training industry. If you are interested in working with us (imagine this – a proper gym where you are actively encouraged to train your clients as hard as possible, surrounded by like minded trainers in a non commercial, utterly results focused environment without all the BS that comes with being a regular “club”) or have someone you can recommend then I’ll spell out what I need by using one of newest trainers as an example.

Daria Tiesler has proven herself to be a total superstar and I want more just like her! Here are the qualities that make Daria so good and are essential to being a part of UP:

Passion – she lives and loves everything about the job.

That’s it. That’s all we need, I shouldn’t need to write anything else.


If you have it in droves then please do drop me a line and we can see if its worthwhile taking things further. Experience is something that can be taught, but passion comes from within and it’s the one thing you have to bring to the table yourself.

But let’s wait a minute. Passion without reason and substance is useless. So this is the exact run down on what it takes to be a UP trainer:

Passion for learning – Daria holds down a full time job, is pursuing a degree in Naturopathy, and still finds times to attend new courses to advance her knowledge. Just this month she did the Poliquin BioSignature Modulation course.

Passion for training yourself – if you can’t train yourself properly who the hell is going to listen to you lecture them about exercise? It just cannot be faked. Daria’s training is most definitely not the same style as 90% of us UP meatheads, but she just cranks out intense training session after intense training session. Oh yes, she also looks the part. If your video doesn’t match your audio then please stay away from me as you will not be credible or inspirational for your clients.

Passion for helping – we have to care about our clients. We have to be genuinely bothered by their goals and work like dogs to help them achieve it. This is a tough demanding business and not a nine-to-five. There is no room whatsoever for shirkers, non-team players, and solo operators within UP.

If you have managed to read this far in what is an unusually long post by me, and I haven’t put you off from wanting to join an elite band of personal trainers then please drop me a line via this blog or email [email protected] I am interested in hiring anyone with potential, be they young, old, male or female (truthfully more female trainers would be nice as we only have one at the moment). I am very open to looking at “raw material”, and just as keen to see the so-called finished product who wants to step up a gear from within the most intense personal training environment in London.

I hope to hear from you very soon.