The Best Supplements for Insulin & Carbohydrate Control

If there is one “secret” to rapid, effective fat loss it comes in the form of insulin management protocols. Put another way – blood sugar control. And put yet another, and simpler way – CARBOHYDRATE control.

Unfortunately for some people, they are so resistant to the effects of insulin (best regarded as a storage hormone) that if they eat any carbs at all they tend to end up being worn on the hips as unsightly love handles (a full analysis of why this happens can be found in this article on BioSignature Modulation and Insulin control). Help however is at hand due to some cutting edge supplements, one of which you will all no doubt be familiar with (omega 3s/fish oil), the others you will be less knowledgeable of (specialist products put out by Poliquin Performance – Fenuplex, and Insulinomics). These were some of the products I used to help get Wesley Doyle, the 40 year old fitness editor of Men’s Health magazine down from 20% to 10% body fat and be the oldest ever man on the cover of Men’s Health!

I’ve written up an in depth article on these three crucial supplements, entitled “The Best Supplements for Insulin Control“, on our main London personal training website.