Training For Hypertrophy: Charles Poliquin Seminar (Pt 2)


This is the second part of my review of Charles Poliquin’s Training For Hypertrophy Seminar at UP Mayfair.  If you missed the first instalment then please go back and catch up (Training for Hypertrophy) as there were some very useful gems for advanced hypertrophy training protocols.

The feedback I have had in the week following the seminar has been uniformly fulsome in its praise of Poliquin’s expertise, and we are now thinking of holding a full day’s seminar later this year (in London) solely focusing on a variety of advanced and underground hypertrophy training techniques.  If you are interested and want to ensure that you get a place, just add the words “Training for Hypertrophy” in the comments section below, leave a valid email address, and we will get back in touch (with more warning than the 24 hours we gave everyone last time!) with all the details when we have everything finalised.  We may also be running a Poliquin Hypertrophy Training Boot Camp at UP Mayfair, but if that happens space will be limited to 12 people and no doubt sell out literally within minutes of publicising it!


Training  For Hypertrophy: Charles Poliquin Seminar Selected Notes (Pt 2)

 Please note that my own brief explanations / contextualisations are in italics and are my own views.

1) Poliquin stressed the importance of BCAAs as being the number one supplement to take if hypertrophy is your goal.  We break down muscle tissue whilst resistance training.  More precisely we are breaking down BCAAs, so people who claim you don’t need additional BCAAS if protein intake is adequate are wrong.  I know some people will not like to read this and view it as a way of pushing “expensive supplements”, but my own experience with hundreds of trainees of massively varying training ages and musculatures shows it to be true.  Both during and post workout recovery levels are noticeably ramped up with heavy peri-workout BCAA supplementation.  I’ve been using BCAAs during my training since the late 1990s and view them, alongside fish oil, as the best bang for your buck supplements available today if hypertrophy is your goal.


Despite the constraints of an expanding family and business I took my own training to new heights utilising many of the lessons I have learned from Charles Poliquin

2) What constitutes heavy BCAA supplementation?  40gms for a 90kg man!  This is a hell of a lot.  I pretty much mainline BCAAs during a workout and really notice the difference if disaster occurs and I have somehow run out!

3) BCAAs increase both insulin and growth hormone.  Think about this for a second – they will arrest / mitigate catabolism.

4) Take extra Lysine to counteract muscle soreness and improve recovery.

5) Post Workout Carbs should be utilised primarily for their anti-catabolic qualities rather than for their ability to restore glycogen.  Hence their importance post workout even following lower repetition strength training workouts.  Of course, according to Poliquin you need to be below 10% body fat (if male) in order to “deserve” a daily carb intake higher than 4 licks of a dried prune!

6) The post workout shake (and it is possible to have 2 different PWO shakes at 2 different times) should be 1gm of protein to 4 gms of carbs, if you are allowed carbs.  There are many studies telling us that a 2:1 carbs to protein ratio is best, but Poliquin believes, after years of trial and error on a lot of athletes, that 4:1 is best for off-setting the catabolism caused by resistance training and rapidly ramping up insulin levels.

7) When strength training, as opposed to training for hypertrophy, you want to minimise acidity in the muscle cells.  Up to 40gms of glutamine, plus Greens powders, whilst training can be beneficial.

8)Potassium Citrate can be added in small quantities (2gms) as an alkalizer to the above mix for added benefits whilst strength training.

9) Coconut water makes an ideal isotonic drink whilst training – this was something I’d never thought of myself and am certainly going to experiment with at the gym.  I like the idea of drinking something that is “all natural” with added health benefits –

10) Fat grip training works so well at recruiting more high threshold motor units because of the disinhibitory effect.  Once you switch back to regular grip training after a period with fat bars and dumbells you will be shocked at how much stronger you have become!

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